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Term Definition
Case study

The in-depth examination and analysis of a single unit in order to generate in-depth understanding of that unit. Examples of a unit could be a person, a family, a company or an event.


A survey that seeks to include every member of the relevant population.

Closed question, Closed-ended question

A question used in an interview or questionnaire where the respondent must choose from a list of pre-defined responses.

Community forum

A meeting of community members to discuss relevant community issues.

Control group

In experimental research, the group not receiving the experimental condition. For instance in medical research one group will have a real medication and the other (the control group) will receive a placebo.

Convenience sampling

A non-probability sampling method in which the sample is based on the most available members of the population of interest.

Covert research

A term frequently used in connection with ethnographic research in which the researcher does not reveal their true identity. Such research violates the principle of informed consent.

Cross tabulation

A way of showing the association between two variables in a table. For example, it may be useful to cross-tabulate use of a service by age, gender etc, to identify its main user groups.